the Transcendant Self

Since first picking up a digital camera in my early teens, self-portraiture has been a means of confirming and reflecting upon my existence.


This personal practice has evolved over the years, and I have found the amount of effort put into the digital representation of the self as required by one's presence on social media, or as an internet user, increasingly bizarre and fascinating.

This collection of  digital manipulations of myself, and my body, are born of a desire to transcend my own persona and body into another, affecting both my own self-image and how I may be perceived by the world around me.

Quarantine Selfies

A series of self-portraits created in 2020.

From a year of general isolation and deep self-reflection,

 these hyper-edited surrealist portraits were born. 


I have long had a fascination with theater and storytelling. 

These characters, crafted from collected and created costuming, are part of a fantastical world as well as an archetypal set within myself.


The body as container, sculpture, a fluid concept.



Sculpture created from a wax casting of the artist's face, and natural organic materials.