"Be like water making its way through the cracks... If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Empty your mind, become formless. Shapeless, like water."

~Bruce Lee

Like water

Androgenoir is a video art collaboration with poet Kamene Dornubari-Ogidi exploring the relationship of identity and fluidity.

The five-minute video loop depicts an abstract watery landscape, which ripples and shifts into itself, while Kamene's deeply thoughtful performance of her poem melds with an original musical soundtrack. 



I guess I could wait

I could walk

Instead, metamorphose

metamorphose, metamorphose


Over there- is that me, myself?

Looking at I?

Over thre is that m-me myself?

Looking at I?


Over there is that me myself looking at I?


Widening, unfurling…

What is that

Something, a gyre? And eye?



Yes, it is an I .



Not like me, like I’d never seen myself before.

Coming from the abyss


Something I had never known before

A backward seeing

That is really breaking (pause)

Through, and past

Into an unclear beyond

A horizon

Each minute finite & infinite

I think this what is called being present

I had never known it myself before

From this abyss


This eye

There is a clarity

There is a clarity

There is a clarity


Totaling myself

Going to me

~Poetry & reading by 

Kamene Dornubari-Ogidi